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About Me

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Justin Talley is currently the Department Head of Entomology and Plant Pathology (EPP) and recently took on the role of Interim Director for the Institute of Biosecurity and Microbial Forensics (IBMF) at Oklahoma State University. Previously, Dr. Talley served as the State Extension Specialist for Veterinary Entomology for the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension System and his appointment included Extension, research, and teaching while a faculty member. Research programs focused on pest management of important external parasites in livestock systems, animal mortality management systems and their role in attracting flies, and pathogen association with important external parasites including ticks and flies. Dr. Talley is serving in an Interim role for IBMF with primary oversight of the mission and research directions which include agriculture biosecurity, advanced diagnostic networks, alternative diagnostic techniques, and food safety. IBMF has four dedicated research faculty that conduct work in computational biology for plant disease pathogens, diagnostics for both plant and animal pathogens, virology of important plant pathogens, and food safety.       

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