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About The Project

From high school to the graduate level, PaCoN is dedicated to nurturing a cohort of professionals. Participants will gain experience through experiential learning, partake in exchange programs, pursue national and international internships, and establish connections with esteemed leaders in biosecurity.


Project Period: June 1, 2023 - May 31, 2028.

Graduate Program

Fully funded scholarships (30) are available for MS and PhD students at the following institutions:

University of Hawaii at Manoa
Oklahoma State University
Degree Programs Offered:

One-Year M.S.
Two-Year M.S.


Recruits from NHPI (Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander) and TNA (Tribal Nations and Alaska) communities will be educated through well-established curricula, summer training sessions, national and international internships, seminars, and visits to biosecurity facilities in Hawaii and the continental U.S.
Undergraduate Program

Scholarships are available for over 150 students.

Available at:
Leeward Community College
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Oklahoma State University
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