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Grey Limbo

Michael Melzer

University of Hawaii At Manoa

Associate Professor / Researcher

Michael Melzer

Education / Professional Prep / Appointments

Ph.D. Tropical Plant Pathology

M.S. Botanical

Sciences (Plant Pathology)

B.S. Biology and Environmental Science

Specialty Skills and Knowledge

Current Research

Plant pathogen discovery

plant pest surveillance

clean plant germplasm

plant pest management and

eradication technology


Molecular and serological diagnostics 

Plant germplasm 

One Health

Lab Website

Key Publications

Olmedo-Velarde, A., Larrea-Sarmiento, A., Wang, X., Hu, J., and Melzer, M.J. 202X. A

breakthrough in kitavirids: genetic variability, reverse genetics, Koch’s postulates and

transmission of hibiscus green spot virus 2. Phytopathology (in press) 


Vowell, T., Manley, M., Ho, J., Watanabe, S., and Melzer, M.J. 2023. Impact of metal

salts on the survival, development, and oviposition behavior of coconut rhinoceros beetle

(Coleoptera:Scarabaeidae). Frontiers in Insect Science


Olmedo-Velarde, A., Loristo, J., Kong, A., Waisen, P., Wang, K.-H., Hu, J., and Melzer,

M. 2022. Examination of the virome of taro plants affected by a lethal disease, the

alomae-bobone virus complex, in Papua New Guinea. Viruses 14:7 1410


Keith, L.M., Sugiyama, L.S., Brill, E., Adams, B.L., Fukuda, M, Hoffman, K.M., Ocenar,

J., Kawabata, A., Kong, A.T., McKemy, J.M., Olmedo-Velarde, A., and Melzer, M.J.

2022. First report of coffee leaf rust caused by Hemileia vastatrix on coffee (Coffea

arabica) in Hawaii. Plant Disease 106:761



Watanabe, S., Adams, B.-L., Kong, A., Masang, N., Vowell, T., and Melzer, M. 2020.

Identification of genes that result in high mortality of coconut rhinoceros beetle

(Scarabaeidae: Coleoptera) when targeted using an RNA interference approach:

implications for large invasive insects. Annals of the Entomological Society of America

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